Human evolution theory utilizing concepts of neoteny & female sexual selection
An etiology of neuropsychological disorders such as autism and dyslexia, and the origin of left handedness.

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Gotestam, et al.

Handedness, dyslexia and twinning in homosexual men: bibliographical excerpts

"A study of handedness, dyslexia, stuttering and twinning, was included in a study of sexual habits of homosexual men. A questionnaire was mailed to homosexuals, and 394 forms suitable for data analysis were received. The results showed an increased rate of lefthand writing (17.5% compared to 8-8.4%), and a clear left shift. There were increased occurrence of both stuttering (7.1% compared to 1.6%) and reading difficulties (7.9% compared to 1-3%). The incidence of twins was lower than the population (1.3%). The results confirm earlier attempts to show a left shift in homosexuals, and support Geschwind's hypotheses about etiological factors for both lefthandedness and homosexuality. "
(Gotestam, K.O., Coates,T.J., Ekstrand, M. (1992) Handedness, dyslexia and twinning inhomosexual men. International Journal Neuroscience 63 (3-4): 179)



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