Human evolution theory utilizing concepts of neoteny & female sexual selection
An etiology of neuropsychological disorders such as autism and dyslexia, and the origin of left handedness.

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P. McNamara, et al.

Markers of cerebral lateralization and alcoholism: Bibliographical Excerpts

"For healthy men, 12.4% (14/97) were left-handed. The frequency of left-handedness (among men) increased to 20.0% (8/39) in the problem-drinking group and 36.8% (9/24) in the alcoholic group (x22=6.59, p<.03). For women, the corresponding numbers were 13.7% (39/284),12.9% (4/31), and 31.5% (6/19) (x22=5.98, p<.05). ... Of healthy subjects, 11.1% (42/381) reported at least one learning disability. Of problem drinkers, 10% (7) reported at least one learning disability, and of alcoholics 32.6% (14/43) reported at least one learning disability (x22=16.0, p<.0003). The greater the number of learning disabilities reported, the higher the drinking inventory score (r=.19, p<.01). The most commonly reported learning disability was dyslexia or reading disability. ... Women in the alcoholic group reported twice as many immune diseases (M=3.1) as the men in the alcoholic group (M=1.5). ...Both men and women in the alcoholic group and in the problem-drinking group reported problem or alcoholic drinking in the paternal line (grandfather of father was a drinker). ... These relationships between markers of amomalous dominance and alcohol problems were more pronounced in men than in women, again confirming findings of London and others."(McNamara, P., Blum, D., O’Quin, K., Schaehter, S. (1994) Markers of cerebral lateralization and alcoholism. Perceptual Motor Skills 79 (3 pt 2): 1437-9)



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